How to Reheat Food Without a Microwave

How To Reheat Food Without A Microwave ?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you wanted to heat food and there was no microwave? You may be surprised to know that there are other ways to reheat food without a microwave!

There can be certain situations when you do not have a microwave available, like when you are traveling and staying at places where kitchen equipment is not present, the microwave oven stops working, there is an electricity breakdown, or any other unforeseen circumstance. Therefore, you should know how to survive without the microwave. If you like adventures like hiking or camping, this guide will be helpful to you because you will learn different methods to warm your food. 

How to Reheat Food Without a Microwave - Project Meal Plan

How to reheat food without a microwave or stove ?

Before we see how to survive without a microwave, we must check what type of food we would like to heat. For items that have liquid or sauces, direct heating on the stove is fine because there is less chance of being burned. However, for hard substances like chicken pieces, vegetables, or sandwiches, it is preferred to use them with a bit of oil for heat-up or indirect heating using boiling water. 

How to reheat food without a microwave

The best ways to reheat food without a microwave

Cook it on stove

The best and most obvious way to reheat the food is to put it on the stove again and cook it for some time. This method works best for curries, vegetables, and sauces because there is less chance of burning. You should keep the stove on a low to medium setting and not heat the food for more than 15 minutes. 5 minutes is enough to reheat the items properly. So if you want to know the easiest way to reheat food without a microwave,

Steam it

Steam is a great way to heat food without direct contact with the source. It is ideal for frozen items, meat, chicken, and sticky items. You can use steam baskets for this purpose or take a large pot filled with water and place the items to be heated on a raised surface like a bowl or plate. The heat is delivered by the water evaporating in the container. If you are hoping to find out how to heat up food without a microwave at a hotel, this is the perfect solution!

Add Boiling Water

Ever wondered how to reheat food without a microwave or stove, Just pour some boiling water on it, and the job is done. You can easily heat the water in a kettle and then add it to the food. This method works best with hard substances like eggs and vegetables. This process heats up the substances quickly because of the high temperatures of the water. Always take precautions to keep your hands safe from hot water. Most ready-made foods are also recommended to be cooked with this method.

Fry it 

If you want to find out how to warm up food without electricity, frying is a good option. You can take the food and put it in a frying pan by adding a little bit of oil or water. Substances like nuggets, chicken patties, vegetables, or even curries can be reheated this way. You can even add new flavors to the dishes by adding water, salt, and spices. It works best with leftover fast food like burgers or pizza. You just have to use a nonstick pan and warm your items to enjoy them!

Bake it 

When the microwave oven is broken, use the baking oven instead to heat up your food. Most kitchens are equipped with ovens, so it is easy to use them. You just have to preheat the oven to 150–200 oC and then place the items inside it. This process is suitable for fast food items, vegetables, cakes, cookies, etc. In the guides about how to survive without a microwave, baking is always preferred because it is a healthier option than frying or direct heating.

Sandwich Press

A sandwich press is a type of heating device that is used to make sandwiches, but it can also be used to reheat many substances like burgers, burritos, wraps, chicken pieces, and any other flat substance. Just switch on the machine and place the item inside it for a few minutes. It may change shape slightly due to the sandwich-style compartment, but the food will be warmed perfectly. 

Water Bath 

If you have time and want to try different methods to heat substances, a water bath is a must. The process starts with heating up water to its boiling point in a container. Then take the food to be reheated and place it in a glass jar. Gently stir the items inside until they start to heat up. This method will usually take at least 20–30 minutes because the heat is applied indirectly. The benefit is that the substances will not get burned easily, so any type of item can be used in this process. 

Iron it 

This may sound funny because ironing is usually associated with clothes. However, it is a great source for providing instant heat to food as well. It works best with solid substances. The appropriate way is to put the food in a shopping bag or cloth and then place the iron on top. Apply the heat gently because you do not want to burn the stuff. This will warm your food within seconds, but make sure not to burn your hand while doing so.

Final Words

People keep searching for ways to heat up food without a microwave at a hotel because it is a common problem that everyone faces. Microwave ovens have become a necessary part of life, but one should also know how to survive without one. After learning the methods mentioned in this guide, you will know how to deal with difficult situations. Just choose one method depending on the equipment available, and you can enjoy warm food anywhere.

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