how to use an oven thermometer

How to use an oven thermometer? A complete guide-2023

Ovens are the most common cooking device in the kitchen. If you’re trying to cook anything from cakes to casseroles, your oven is the only way to do it. However, if your oven doesn’t have a temperature gauge, you’ll need to rely on an oven thermometer. An oven thermometer eliminates the need to guess and reduces the risk of food not cooking properly.

Oven thermometers are inexpensive and practical tools that allow you to maintain the desired temperature inside your oven. Perhaps the most common kitchen tool, the oven thermometer, ensures that ovens are heating to the correct temperature.

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Types of Oven Thermometer:

There are two types of oven thermometers.

●     Dial oven Thermometer

●     Digital oven thermometer

Both types work well and help you cook your food more efficiently and consistently. When buying a new oven thermometer, the first thing you should consider is its function. If you have a range of ovens, it’s best to invest in several models.

Each one should have a different temperature measurement and are suited to the other areas of your kitchen. For example, if your range of ovens is just for cooking cakes and casseroles, a digital thermometer is an excellent option, as it can be used at any temperature. However, if your range is for cooking different foods, it’s better to invest in various oven thermometers.

What to look for when purchasing an oven thermometer?

There are a few features that you’ll need to find for oven thermometers. These features can help you choose the best product for your kitchen essential if you’re cooking anything with temperature requirements.

In addition to measuring the temperature of your oven, you should keep an eye on the ambient temperature in your kitchen. If the temperature inside of your oven is too high or low, then there’s no point in using an oven thermometer because it won’t be accurate.

A probe thermometer helps measure food temperatures. The probes come with either a metal probe or a glass probe; some come with both so that you can measure the temperature of different food types without opening the oven door.

Some models also have a timer so that you don’t have to constantly check your dish’s progress. This feature will tell you how much time has elapsed during cooking so that you know when it’s finished even if you’re not in the kitchen.

How to use the oven thermometer properly?

Oven thermometers are standard tools in the kitchen. With an oven thermometer, you can cook your food to the right temperature without having to guess what that temperature is.

Ovens need to be calibrated regularly, but oven thermometers ensure that the oven has reached the correct temperature before cooking. Here’s how to use it properly:

1.      Place the oven thermometer at eye level inside of your oven, so it measures the air temperature. If you have a digital or electric oven, set it to preheat for twenty minutes and check the thermometer. Turn it up on a gas or electric stove and then check after five minutes. The goal is to make sure that your oven is heating to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or 180 degrees Celsius). If it isn’t, adjust accordingly with time or temperature until it reaches this desired temperature.

2.      If you’re cooking something like chicken, roast beef, or pork loin for about 45 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius), place your meat on top of two sheets of foil. This will help create an even heat distribution and prevent liquids from dripping onto your bottom heating element (it might cause a fire).

3.      If you’re roasting something like meat or vegetables, 425 degrees Fahrenheit is usually good enough, but if it’s a large roast, then 450 degrees Fahrenheit may be better.

How should you deal with a broken oven thermostat?

If your oven’s thermostat is broken, you may want to get it fixed. However, there are also other methods of baking food, though.

Since an oven’s thermostat tells the oven when to turn on and off, a malfunctioning or broken thermostat will cause the oven to turn on and off sporadically at different temperatures. This will often result in burnt food.

Fortunately, this problem can be easily solved. You can use things like a digital meat thermometer to tell when something has cooked all the way through. Or, if you’re cooking something like a cake or muffin batter that doesn’t need “time,” you can use your microwave.

The next time your oven’s thermostat breaks, don’t fret: There are many alternative baking methods!

Why your oven thermometer needs to be accurate:

Around the holidays, ovens are in higher demand. But don’t forget to make sure your oven is calibrated correctly!

It’s not enough to take the word of your oven manufacturers when it comes to an understanding of how accurate your oven is. You need to check for yourself.

To begin, you should check the thermometer’s accuracy inside the oven. To do this, place a thermometer on a sheet pan and into an oven that’s preheated to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then wait at least five minutes before checking the temperature, compare it with what your thermometer says; if they match up, great! If not, you’ll want to calibrate your thermometer or replace it altogether.

Secondly, if you’re baking something that requires an accurate temperature, like bread or pastry dough, you’ll want to calibrate your oven’s thermostat at least once every six months so that you know it’s accurate. A good rule of thumb is – if you can’t remember when you last had it checked out, go ahead and have someone come out and recalibrate it now!


After reading this guide about how to use an oven thermometer, you’re now ready to use your high-quality oven thermometer. This is a terrific tool for everyone. It will help you ensure your food is cooked at the right temperature. You can use the oven thermometer on any oven.

Make sure to follow the instructions to get the most out of your thermometer. And always clean your thermometer after each use. That way, you’ll be able to use it for a long time.

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