How to Clean Coffee Maker Without Vinegar

How to Clean Coffee Maker Without Vinegar.

Are you worried about your dirty and greasy coffee maker? Do you need help in cleaning it in a cheap and effective way? This guide is made for you to solve your problems!

Coffee maker is an essential item in every household, cafĂ© or restaurant. People love coffee all over the world and many of them prefer to drink from coffee makers because the drink must be perfect in every way. However, cleaning the equipment can be a hassle for everyone because it takes a lot of time and effort. As you use the machine everyday, there is a residue that accumulates on it which results from the coffee beans. This can cause bitterness in taste so it is important to clean the device frequently. 

Why Vinegar is bad for cleaning coffee makers?

Vinegar is a common material for cleaning kitchen stuff because it contains acetic acid and it kills the bacteria easily. However, there are several reasons that it is not good for washing coffee makers. It has a strong smell that can remain in the coffee even after you rinse it completely. Moreover, the smell also diffuses all over the house which can disturb many people. You will need to rinse the machine several times if you need to get the odor out of it. If you get grease on the equipment, vinegar does not wash it easily so this will require more time to clean. But, do not worry because I will now check how to clean coffee without vinegar. 

How to Clean Coffee Maker Without Vinegar

Best Ways to Clean Coffee Maker

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is not only used in adding flavor to the drinks and food items but it can also act as a great washing agent. It is also acidic in nature and gives a great smell as well. You should follow these steps to clean the coffee machine:

  • Pour lemon juice in the coffee pot by mixing it with water to make it dilute. 100ml tablespoons of juice will be enough for most normal machines. 
  • Wash the device with water 3-4 times and lightly scrub it with a sponge. 

With this simple method, you do not need to worry about how to clean a coffee pot without vinegar. You can also make some extra lemon juice because it is very tasty and healthy!

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common alkaline substance used to clean various equipment and cutlery. It is non-toxic and affordable to use. Nespresso machine cleaners often recommend this approach for their devices.

  • First, put water inside the coffee pot. 
  • Add 250 grams of baking soda in it.
  • Start the cycle of the coffee machine and rinse the water.
  • Repeat the process one more time before the machine becomes crystal clear!

3. Salt Water

A great option is to clean the coffee maker with salt water because it is beneficial in removing the grease.

  • Mix the salt water with crushed ice inside the coffee bowl.
  • Rub the materials inside by using a sponge or cloth so that they cover each spot.
  • Wash the equipment with water several times to remove all the salty water. 

This solution is one of the easiest if people ask for a way to clean a coffee maker without vinegar because ice and salt water is available in every home. 

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

This cleaning agent is a highly effective chemical used to clean different materials. It is available at low cost so you will not need to spend much money on it.

  • Use 1 cup (around 200 ml) of hydrogen peroxide and mix it with 2 cups of water.
  • Run this mixture one time by starting the coffee cycle of the machine. 
  • After this, run 2-3 cycles with clean water so that the solution is removed. 

This solution will make your coffee machine as good as new. However, remember to remove the hydrogen peroxide completely because it can be dangerous if inhaled. 

5. Dish Soap 

Dish soaps are the go to choice for most people as they use them on a daily basis. The liquid soaps are good to clean the coffee maker but you would need to manually wash each area thoroughly. 

  • The first step is to remove all the components of the machine.
  • Wash each part by hand by putting the soap and rinsing through water.
  • Run the parts through water and assemble them together.
  • Start a cycle of the coffee machine with water to wash off the soap completely and then your device is ready to go!

6. Alcohol

Alcohol has a property of acting as a disinfectant against bacteria and viruses. It is a good choice for cleaning coffee machines because it is readily available at cheap prices. 

  • Pour alcohol into the water compartment of the coffee maker. Vodka is a good choice for this purpose.
  • Put water in the container such that the amount of alcohol is 1/4th of the water. 
  • Next, start the brew cycle of the machine.
  • Repeat this process 2 times by washing it with water only so that the equipment shines like new!

If you have ever wondered how to clean Hamilton beach coffee maker, follow the steps above because these are what the company recommends alcohol to clean it. 

7. Borax

Borax is a substance used to wash electrical equipment using coffee machines. It disinfects the materials very well. 

  • Firstly, take 2 tablespoons of borax powder and mix it with one cup of water.
  • Initiate the brewing process using these materials.
  • After the first cycle finishes, wash the coffee pot carefully with normal tap water. 

If you know how to clean a coffee maker without vinegar, you would definitely know about Borax because it is a famous household item. You can also use it on different substances in your home like microwave oven and refrigerator. 

Final Words

The cleanup of coffee makers is mostly neglected by users because it is a tiresome process. People like coffee but they do not want to clean the machine timely which causes problems. In this guide, we have explored 7 best ways to clean coffee makers. All of these were without vinegar because it is not a suitable material for cleanup. So, say goodbye to vinegar and adopt any of the methods given above to keep your coffee machine tidy and the drinks delicious. 

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